Tournament Volunteering - What to Do Before the Tournament

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with High Tech Kids!

Here is a step by step guide to getting involved as a Tournament Volunteer, before you come to a tournament:

  1. Learn more about the roles:
  2. Fill out your availability for the seasson. You can revisit this page as often as you like, just remember that each time you submit a form it overrides the previous one. 
  3. Submit a background check. Why? We have a youth protection poilcy that we have to abide by. 
    • ​Create an account in VIMS 
    • Apply for an event to trigger the screening process. 
      • PLEASE NOTE in the state of Minnesota we only list the State Championships as we do not use this software for scheduling, therefore signing up on VIMS will not serve as a confirmation for being slotted for the state tournament. 
    • PLEASE NOTE that every year you must log in and apply for an event in order to make your background check visible. Background checks will be reinitiated automatically every couple of years. 
    • If you are a coach this is a slightly different system and you will need to go through it in order for me to access the background check you have already completed. (Please use the same login info as you would for TIMS). 
    • VIMS User Guide
  4. Training and Certification for roles:
    • In October and early November High Tech Kids will host in person training sessions for volunteers. 
    • There are also online training materials to help supplement or refresh your memory after an in person trainign session. 
      • FIRST Tech Challenge
        • Volunteers must apply to their role using VIMS. After the volunteer has selected their role, FIRST Tech Challenge will send an email to the Volunteer with access to their training resources and certifications (when applicable) located in Schoology. Emails will be sent twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have applied for a role but have not received access to the training, please email
        • Link to Training Manuals to get started before you have access to Schoology
        • Check out the Game Page to learn more.
      • FIRST LEGO League
        • Log into your VIMS account and look to the bottom left under your account information. You should have access to select a training session there.
        • Check out the Challenge Information page to learn more. 
      • FIRST LEGO League Jr.
        • All information will be provided on the day of an Expo.
        • Find out the more about the challenge.
  5. Check out the Volunteer Manual for a scheudule of the day, proceedures and policies.