Tournament Directors: What HTK provides

  What HTK will provide for MN FLL Regional Tournaments

  • Support and lots of random clapping and cheering
  • All rubrics
  • Awards, medals and framed certificates
  • Facility insurance
  • Volunteer shirts   
  • and a tournament director party...super fun
3 Tubs: for Officials, Registration and Performance (Twins Cities Metro Tournaments Only)
  • Officials (blue tubs)
    • Clipboards, paper pads, pens/pencils, timers
    • Ref shirts, ref aprons
  • Registration (green tubs)
    • signage for registration desk
    • hallway signs, band-aids, etc.
    • 100 Programs/tournament
    • HTK Merchandise
    • Merchandise price list
    • Merchandise cash boxes
    • Medical and Non Medical Incident Report Forms
    • Community Service Forms
    • Envelopes for teams that leave early
  • Performance (clear tubs)
    • Caution tape, gaffers tape, 
    • Table skirts
    • Robot Measuring Sticks
Additional Items (metro tournaments only)
  • 7 kits/mats for technical and performance
  • 4 tables for performance with legs, 2 tables for judging: NO LEGS
  • 2 cameras and video cables if requested
  • Extension cords
  • Mats to cover cords