A fun, competitive program in which a team of students builds and programs a LEGO® robot to autonomously solve a set of prescribed missions. Robots have 2 1/2 minutes to complete as many missions as possible and earn points. Teams will also research a real world problem, create an innovative solution to that problem and present it to a panel of judges. Teams are evaluated on their teamwork skills, research quality, innovative solution, and mechanical & programming skills.

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A competitive robotics program designed for students middle school through high school who are ready to take on a higher level of robotics. Teams design, build and program robots with both autonomous and driver controlled modes. Students work with adult mentors and form lasting relationships. Teams are evaluated on their team work skills, outreach, as well as mechanical and programming skills.  FTC alumni are eligible for college scholarships.

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Are you passionate about clean energy? This hands on program brings to life the exciting science behind wind and solar energy. Teams work together to construct a wind turbine that is both elegant and efficient. On Challenge Day, turbines are put to the test in wind tunnels for 60 seconds to determine their energy output. Each year teams will also research an industry knowledge component such as; jobs, environmental impact, or site analysis. Teams are evaluated on their turbines energy output, engineering process, turbine design & documentation as well as their industry knowledge component. 

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Focused on builing and interest in science and engineering in children ages 6-9, this hands on program is designed to capture a child's inherent curiousity. High Tech Kids is not the affiliate partner in Minnesota for Jr.FLL.
Detailed information may be found on the FIRST site.