FTC North Super Regional


Due to the growth FIRST® Tech Challenge has been experiencing across the country,  FIRST has moved to a "Super" Regional model. Teams will now advance from their State Championship to a Super Regional then on to the appropriate World Championship. 

Registration fee for a team to attend a Super Regional will be $500.

Minnesota falls into the North Region - see graphic below.


Date City, State Tournament Location Website

March 15-17, 2018 Cedar Rapids, IA US Cellular Center ftcnorth.org

General Event Information

  • Minnestoa will advance 11 teams from their Feb 9-10, 2018 State Championship.
  • A total of 72 teams will compete
  • Thursday: Check In, Team load-in, Inspections and Judging.
  • Tiara Friday: Drivers Meeting, Qualification Matches, Opening Ceremonies, Evening Team Social Events
  • Suspender Saturday: Alliance Selection, Semi Final & Final Matches, Closing Ceremonies

Please see the FTC North Super Regional website for detailed information regarding this event.