FTC Forms and Surveys


► Forms to complete and bring to your regional tournament:

1.  HTK FTC Team Demographic Survey - Complete one form per team. You will turn these in at your Regional Qualifier registration desk.

2. FIRST Consent Form or Team Roster from your FIRST Dashboard - Bring EITHER one signed Consent and Release form for each student participating OR a roster printed. Teams may also bring a combination of forms plus a roster. One form per team member 13 years and younger.  Must be signed by a legal guardian.  You will turn these in at your Regional Qualifier registration desk.

► Award Submissions

Control Award - Teams wishing to be considered for the Control Award must fill out the Control Award Content Sheet, found <here> under Team Materials. This form must be completed for EVERY event the team would like to be considered. Submission is to be given to the judges during the teams judging session.  

Promote and Compass Awards - Videos for both the Promote and Compass Awards must be submitted no later than Monday prior to your event. Teams may only win this award once at the Qualifier Level. YouTube links will not be accepted.
Send your video via a file sharing gateway such as Dropbox or Google Drive to Bethany Juhnke at bethany(at)hightechkids(dot)org along with an email to Bethany stating that you have sent a submission.


We would like your feedback on what works, how to improve, and how to further inspire our students! Help us improve our program!

2017-18 Coach Survey - Please complete this with your team's input.