FLL National Registration Requirements


FIRST has launched a new, all inclusive, registration system referred to as your "Dashboard". Login at www.firstinspires.org using your existing user name (email address and password) or select Sign Up to start the registration process. 

All team tasks will be done from the Dashboard, EXCEPT registering for a Minnesota event.

From your FIRST Dashboard

  1. Identity two coaches. Once both coaches have completed Youth Protection & background checks you will be able to make payments.
  2. Pay national registration of $225 to FIRST.
  3. Order product from LEGO
Field Set Up Kit $75    
EV3 MINSTORMS Robot $439                                                    
A variety of motors & sensors are also available for purchase.


Your team is not registered until the $225 fee is paid and TWO coaches have completed Youth Protection Policy, Background Check & agreed to the Consent and Release Policy. 

Once teams are fully registered (paid and background checked), coaches will be able to invite parents to sign their children up for the team. This process will alleviate the need for the paper Photo Release and Consent forms we have had in the past as parents will be asked to give this consent electronically.

If you have problems with national registration, please contact FIRST at 800.871.8326 or  fllteams@firstinspires.org