FLL Forms & Surveys


► Forms to complete and bring to your regional tournament:

1. Team Demographics 
    •  Complete one form per team.
    •  Submit forms at your Regional Tournament registration desk.

2. FIRST Consent and Release
Bring EITHER one signed Consent and Release form for each student
       participating OR a team roster printed from your TIMS account.
    •  Teams may also bring a combination of forms plus a roster. 
Parents may consent electronically through STIMS (Student Information Management System).  Here are the available Help Manuals offered from FIRST.
                   FLL STIMS Parent Guide                FLL STIMS Coach Guide

3. Team Profile Sheet - OPTIONAL. Make 3 copies of this sheet. Bring one to at each judging session (Core Values, Project & Robot).  

►Please complete after your team competes in a regional tournament:

We would like your feedback on what works, what could be better, and how to further inspire our students! Help us improve our programs! We take every comment and idea into consideration.