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Pre Season

• 2014 Coaches' Handbook in pdf and epub versions available.
• 5 Week Lesson Plan
• Techbrick (lots of coaching, building, and practical information)
• Coaching FLL Teams v1.1 (2004) pdf
• Fundraising 101 (2011)  pdf


• What are some differences between the NXT and EV3?
• 4x8 Table Construction
• 4x8 Stow and Go Table Instructions (for those that need lightweight and portable)

Tournament Details

• Tournament Checklist  pdf
• Rubrics: Core Values, Project, Robot Design, Programming



QLB 2.0 Robot Building Instructions by Rand Whillock, www.whillockvisions.com
• LEGO Engineering (programming and building tutorials)
• Building Instructions for NXT from Carnegie Mellon
• Mini Challenges
• Robot Building ver 1.3 (2004)  pdf
• Art of LEGO Design by Fred Martin  pdf
• Building Robots with LEGO MINDSTORMS  Book by Mario Farrari and Ralph Hempel
• Engineering with LEGO Bricks and ROBOLAB   Book by Eric Wang
• Building a RCX Robot
 Robot Building ver 1.1 (2003)

• 2010 NXT Battery Packs
The 2010 robot kits are being manufactured with DC batteries and chargers.  The new battery will be standard in future robot kits.  AC batteries and chargers will be available (while supplies last) for a year or two.  The new DC batteries will work with any robot.  However, the chargers are not interchangeable.  LEGO Education is monitoring orders from teams requesting spare chargers to be sure they match their batteries and will exchange any chargers that are ordered incorrectly.  All inquiries regarding exchanges direct to LEGO Education at Pitsco. Here is a description with photos of the AC and DC batteries with their chargers.  

2013 EV3 MINDSTORMS Robot Kit
The new EV3 Robot is scheuduled to begin shipping August 1, 2013. All robot platforms (RCX, NXT and EV3) will be permitted for the 2013-14 season. The EV3 may be ordered during team registration with FIRST. Information on the new EV3 MINDSTORMS Kit.




EV3 and NXT Programming Tutorials by STEMcentric
EV3 Home Edition Programming Software - FREE


• Basic NXT Programming Downloads and Videos 
• LEGO Engineering
• Programming Instructions for NXT from Carnegie Mellon
• 2009 System Requirements for NXT software  pdf
• FLL Programming 101 with NXT-G  pdf
• FLL Programming 101 with NXTPL  ppt
• LEGO Mindstorms NXT-G Programming Guide  Book by James Floyd Kelly
• Sensor Videos
These videos are not challenge specific. They are meant to address more strategic issues like how to use sensors or how to approach retrievables.

• Retrievables
• Light Sensor                                                                  
• Touch Sensor 
• Rotation Sensor


Programming 101 -RCXcode
RIS Programming Lab 



• Research Project  pdf and ppt
• Creative Projects with LEGO MINDSTORMS   Book by Ben Erwin



It is hard to describe in words what a tournament or judging experience is like. Coaches and teams can use these videos to prepare for judging.

► Teamwork (Core Values) 

 "Microscopic Nano Jedi Penguins" (2007)
  This session took place before a Core Values Activity was required.

             • Teamwork Questions, Part 1
             • Teamwork Questions, Part 2
             • Teamwork Questions, Part 3

► Research and Teamwork (The Project) 

"Running with NanoScissors" (2007)

• Research Presentation
• Research Presentation Q&A, Part 1
• Research Presentation Q&A, Part 2
• Research Presentation, Judges Comments

 Technical Design and Programming (the Robot)  

"Running with NanoScissors" (2007)

• Technical Design, Part 1
• Technical Design, Part 2
• Technical Design, Part 3

• Programming, Part 1
• Programming, Part 2