2016 Animal Allies Challenge Clarifications

October 25, 2016 - FLL Challenge Clarifications

  1. READ and RE-READ the RULES starting on page 15 in the Animal Allies Challenge Guide.
  2. Check Robot Updates weekly. Our referees will abide by any updates made by 5pm on Friday for that weekends events.
  3. Reference the significant changes for this season on page 20 of the Robot Game Rules. Note that items being transported when the robot is interrupted (partly or entirely out of base), will be taken out of play.
  4. CHANGE: The entire width of the black lines are IN (for instance around base, surrounding each animal feeding area, the farm and the training & research area).
  5. Remember that your robot performance is scored based on what is VISIBLE AT THE END of the 2 ½ minute match. Once the referee and students agree on the score sheet it is final. We do not review video.
  6. In Minnesota we do NOT require a Core Values Poster or Robot Design Executive Summary. 



  1. Read and re-read the mission descriptions starting on page 21 of the Animal Allies Challenge Guide. Unless the mission specifically requires or disallows an action, it is allowed.
  2. M01 Shark Shipment – You may NOT attach the Shark (in the LEGO sense) to the bottom of the tank.
  3. M03 Animal Conservation – After initially placing an animal on the center tray (or asking the referee), your robot must complete the remaining tasks.
  4. M05 Biomimicry – The Biomimicry Wall includes all of the model pieces including the wall supports/feet. Please be aware that the wall is not dual locked to the wooden table and a hanging robot may pull the wall down.
  5. M09 Training & Research – Your robot may only be in control of only ONE MANURE at a time. If two or more are being transported at any time this is illegal and M09 manure will not score. It is OK to move a single manure sample and something else.